St. George's/St. Mark's Gravestone Cleaning
on Saturday, October 8 from 9AM to 12PM

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We will be able to provide everyone who joins us with the biological solution used to clean the gravestones.

We do ask that you bring your own brushes, plastic scrapers, spray bottles for water, gloves and buckets/bags to tote your supplies around.

Brushes must have natural bristles, i.e. tampico - they cannot be hard plastic bristle brushes as those can damage the stones.

Soft or extra soft toothbrushes for detail work are fine.

Plastic putty scrapers are a good tool to have to clear off lichen from the stone. Please make sure they do not have a very sharp edge. 

Metal putty scrapers cannot be used.


Here are some links to brushes/scrapers you can order from Atlas Preservation:


Amazon is more expensive, but here is a link to a brush you can get from Amazon:


A very limited number of these supplies will be available that day for a small donation. 


Questions: Jessica Cox <>

Exciting Talk on the Mount Kisco Historic/Nature Trail System
Saturday, October 8 at 10AM

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