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Kisco Mountain Trail


This trail is sometimes called the Woodlands-Gilded Age or Swiss Home Trail.


Kisco Mountain is the unique geological edifice that defines Mount Kisco and gave the town its name. From a natural standpoint. Kisco Mountain is covered with large mature trees that provide a high green canopy across most of its 66 acres. The trail begins with a beautiful sloping meadow of 4 acres with old pine trees and a ridge with seasonal views of the Village. Look for the trail-head sign located at the north-east corner of the meadow. 


Historically, the 620’ tall mountain was also a vacation destination for the gilded age New York City crowd. Townsend Mathews built his high-end summer hotel on the mountain in 1906, and called it called Welkin Hall (Heaven). In the 1920s the Swiss Benevolent association bought the hotel and changed it into a home for the elderly. Later, the association added a girls’ summer camp. 


The trail winds its way through mountain-oak hickory woods with many varieties of native trees and flowering shrubs, including Red and White Oak trees over 40” in diameter. Dozens of species of birds and other fauna may be encountered during a hike on Kisco Mountain, including Raven, Red-Tailed Hawk, Downy Woodpecker, Wood Thrush, Red-eyed Vireo, Turkey Vulture, and Pileated Woodpecker—as well as Red Fox, and White-tailed Deer.


The trail also offers wonderful views of  the Village, valley, and hills to the east toward Merestead.


Where to Park

At the end of Mountain Avenue coming from High Street just to the right is a pull over to park three or four cars

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