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About Us

Welcome to the Mount Kisco Historical Society!

Our society's main objective is to answer the question "Do You See?" 

As a member of our community, as you travel around the village, do you really see this special and unique place we call Mount Kisco?  We live in communities for years; hundreds of times we pass historical markers, old cemeteries, natural landmarks, and houses, which serve as clues to a fascinating and exciting story about the land, water, nature and humans of Mount Kisco.  As history preservers and educators, our work helps open the community's eyes to Mount Kisco's exciting story -the foundation on which our Village of Mount Kisco was built.

Mt Kisco - Historical Education, Presentations, and Walking Tours - Whether you are a community group or individual member, we have something for you.  You can request an onsite presentation of Mount Kisco's history.  You can take one of our guided historic walking tours or attend one of our special historical education programs that are periodically presented at the Mount Kisco Public Library.  If you are interested in participating in one of our history/nature walking tours around town, please send your request to so we can get you on our mailing list.

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