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Peninsula Wetlands Trail


This trail is easily accessible from downtown Mount Kisco. From an ecosystem standpoint it is an amazing natural environment with the Branch Brook stream flowing through these unique wetlands. Colorful wildflowers are in bloom during the spring and early summer, crayfish sometimes meander along the trail, 'Bobby' our great blue heron friend spends much of his Mount Kisco time fishing in these ponds. More than 35 varieties of birds and dozens of butterflies, bumblebees, and dragonflies also call the Peninsula home. Beavers, who are excited by and love the sound of a flowing stream and sapling/trees for construction for their dams and dens, have made these wetlands a local Mount Kisco habitat.

A brief guide to the flora and fauna of this trail may be found here.


From a history viewpoint, in the late 1800s/1900s Mount Kisco and many other villages and towns in Westchester became a source of water for New York City.  The Branch Brook and Kisco River, which both flow through the village and eventually into the Croton Reservoir, were identified by the NYC as streams and surrounding land that needed to be protected. The city acquired these streams and land via eminent domain. More than 40 Mount Kisco houses, businesses, outhouses were demolished. The Peninsula Wetlands trail and adjacent wetlands area was part of this land acquisition by NYC.


The trail is flat and easily walkable. It consists of a 20-30 minute stroll around to the end of the peninsula and then back to the entrance of the trail, which is located on Lieto Drive. We have plans to expand this trail, which will utilize the full expanse of the wetlands and will comprise about two miles of hiking trails. 

Where to Park

You can park in downtown Mount Kisco and then walk to Green Street (near the Fire House). Then proceed along the Lexington Avenue sidewalk that parallels the police station/court house.

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